Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

A super-fun day camp is about to take over the Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Family and Community Support Services, and children are urged to come out to participate.

The FCSS office puts on two separate Outdoor Odyssey Summer Day Camps, both consisting of three days of exploring fun, with an opportunity for children and youth to make new friends and participate in a ton of summer theme activities.

“We like to make sure they have as much outdoor time as possible during the camp. Who doesn’t want to be outside in the summer?” asks FCSS director Amber Houle.

“There is no cost to the camp, allowing all families to participate if they want to with no concern of added expense to their budget,” she adds.

The first three-day camp will be held from July 23-25 and will welcome up to 12 youth, ages six years and up to participate in several exciting activities and trips.

Houle says the camp always starts with an artistic opportunity that allows the children to bring home an item for them to remember the camp by.

“Specific to our camp is tie dye art that we do on the first morning of camp,” she says. “Over the years, we’ve done tie dye T-shirts, hats, bags and other items, so the kids have something to take home with them and remind them of their experience.”

The camp runs daily from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and will include some travelling and a whole lot of new experiences for the youth. The July camp will include going to Murphy’s Flats on Tuesday, with hotdogs over the fire, nature walks and other activities.

“We have plenty of supervisors so we section off an area by the river where the kids can go play in the mud and explore nature,” says Houle.

“We try to spend as much time in nature and outside with the kids through the three days.”

Wednesday will include a trip to the High Prairie pool, an attraction that Houle says people from the region need to check out if they haven’t already.

“In the morning, we will go check out a great park in town and have lunch before we go to the pool,” she says.

“We rent out the entire pool.”

Thursday includes an entire day of experiments at the Nampa FCSS office, both inside and outside.

August’s camp will be held from Aug. 20-22 and will have a little change up in activities. Although the itinerary isn’t yet set in stone, Houle says she’s got some ideas as to what they would like to do. The group is hoping to go the Grimshaw pool and also Down to Earth Petting Zoo in Teepee Creek.

“It’s great, kids can go in every single pen and interact with the animals,” she says.

“They also have great outdoor play structures that are incorporated into the natural setting. We feel that these camps give the local children an opportunity to leave the region and experience different recreational opportunities in other communities throughout the area.”

Houle urges parents to register their children, as spots are limited, and this is a chance for them to open their children’s eyes as to what is available to do in the region.

If you would like to register your children, or need more information, please phone the FCSS office at (780) 322-3954.