Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Northern Sunrise County and the Town of Peace River are proud to announce their second summer Outdoor Concert Series, set to take place on July 3.

The concert series is entertainment for the whole family and will be held from 7-8 p.m. at the 12-Foot Davis Lookout.

Highlighted this week will be the Billy Ivory Band.

“The Billy Ivory band plays a selection of blues, rock, and country covers along with original music,” says NSC Family and Community Support Services Director Amber Houle.

“For the concert series we will have two members join us, the piano player/lead singer and the drummer.”

Houle says the outdoor concerts are a great chance for people to embrace local outdoor green spaces.

“Beyond simply enjoying the outdoors, these events foster connections among attendees, enabling them to forge new friendships and socialize with new ones,” she says.

“Furthermore, outdoor concerts serve as a platform to showcase and celebrate the talents and creativity of our local artists.”

The two communities have chosen to partner together to showcase local talent and promote greenspaces around both Peace River and Northern Sunrise County.

Houle says there will be two more outdoor concert series this summer. August will feature Luke Lounsbury at the River Front Park, and September will feature They Call Me Sir at the Cecil Thompson Park.

Houle urges everyone to go to enjoy the music for free this summer. She adds the concert will be performed outside, so families should remember to bring a blanket, chair, or something else to sit on.