Vanessa Sheane

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Peace River School Division board has nominated Dr. Vanessa Sheane for the Alberta School Board Association’s (ASBA) annual Friends of Education Award.

Sheane is the president of the Northwestern Polytechnic.

The PRSD board of trustees unanimously selected Sheane, says a PRSD news release dated April 5.

Trustees chose Sheane as one who has cultivated a strong and positive relationship with educational community partners, characterized by mutual respect, collaboration and a shared commitment to enhance academic quality and opportunities.

The Friends of Education Award recognizes individuals or organizations who are committed to improving education for Alberta students and who have made a significant contribution to education in Alberta.

Under Sheane’s leadership, the focus on trades instruction for junior and senior high school students has been impressive.

By championing vocational training, Sheane has broadened the horizons for many students, opening doors to potential careers in various trades. This initiative benefits students by providing them with practical skills and pathways to employment and enriches the school division with a diverse range of educational offerings.

Specifically, Sheane’s willingness to enter a partnership with PRSD to establish the North Peace Commercial Driving Academy for Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) driver education is a testament to her commitment to student success.

This initiative not only motivates students to complete their Grade 12 education, but also provides them with the opportunity to earn credits and obtain Class 1 MELT training. Such opportunities are crucial to prepare students for the workforce and address the community’s needs.

By partnering with this project, Sheane is helping PRSD to fill a gap in the local labour market, which benefits not only the students who gain employment, but also the community’s economic health.

Sheane’s efforts demonstrate a deep understanding of the importance of lifelong learning.

By fostering an environment where students are encouraged to acquire news skills and pursue continuous education, Sheane contributes to the development of a resilient and adaptable workforce.

Overall, her willingness to collaborate with others has created a more dynamic and responsive educational environment that serves students’ immediate needs and anticipates the future demands of the community and the economy.

As a resident of Fairview, Sheane’s advocacy for educational opportunities in the north reflects her understanding of the unique challenges faced by the community and her desire to improve access to quality education for all students in the region.

Under her guidance, NWP has broadened the educational options available at the Fairview NWP campus, signalling a strategic shift towards more diverse offerings. This initiative not only benefits NWP but also holds the potential to transform the educational landscape in Fairview.

Sheane has also been a strong supporter of the Division’s goal of a proposed collegiate school on the grounds of NWP in Fairview.

Sheane’s dedication to trusteeship and community engagement further underscores her holistic vision for education in the region.

Her efforts to facilitate access to education reflect a deep-seated belief in its power to foster growth and prosperity for individual students and the community. This forward-thinking approach is poised to leave a lasting impact n the educational fabric of northern Alberta.

Boards in each school division select one nominee.

The successful nominee for Zone 1 (northwest Alberta) will be announced in the fall.

Each of the six ASBA zones hosts an event to recognize all nominees.

One overall winner is awarded in each zone.