Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Town of Peace River residents will be happy to hear that the Yard Waste Bin has been installed to help with yard waste removal.

The Yard Waste Bin is located at the north end of the Centennial parking lot on 9802-101 Street and will remain there until Oct. 31.

“The bins are a strategy working towards the goal of being an attractive town to live and visit, by providing an easily accessible location in town to dispose of landscape materials such as branches, grass, leaves and garden plants,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer.

“With the lack of snow and rain that the town has experienced, it also encourages people to do some fire guarding of their properties by cleaning out old plant and tree growth.”

The bins are in place to help with removal of tree and shrub trimmings, plant remains, grass clippings, leaves, trees, stumps, and other natural refuse.

“This has become an annual service to town residents since that change to curb side spring and fall clean-ups and also the changes at the Eco Centre which no longer has bins for the landscape type materials,” says Manzer.

“It is possible for people to take items to the East Peace Landfill, but residents seem to use and appreciate the ease of using the bins in town. The bins have been well-used in the past,” she adds.

The bins are solely for the items listed. The Town asks that no household waste, rocks, plastic, large amounts of dirt, or any other items that are not waste be put in the bin.

Please only put things that are biodegradable in the bins.

“It is convenient and closer than the landfill which is about 20 minutes east of town,” she explains.

“Last year, the cost was approximately $33,000 including the bin rental and hauling as well as the tipping fees.”

The Town also asks that residents not use plastic bags to dispose of yard waste. Instead, utilize compostable or paper bags.

“The bins remain in place from spring to the end of October to accommodate the spring yard cleanups and the fall garden and tree cleanups after the growing season,” Manzer says.

“As well, for those that don’t or cannot mulch or compost their lawn grass, this provides an efficient way to dispose the material. We are also wanting to discourage people from dumping the material in inappropriate or unauthorized locations,” she adds.

Bins will be emptied on Monday and Friday of each week, with an as-needed empty on other days of the week, depending on frequency of the bin being used.