Among the performers showing their skills at the Country Sights and City Lights event will be: left-right, Kaley Boucher, Kaci Broome and Janelle Beaudoin, who will be performing in their final performance with the Peace River Skating Club. The girls will all be graduating from high school later this spring.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

The Peace River Skating Club is excited to present Country Sights and City Lights on March 23, and the skaters are hoping you will attend to cheer them on.

The group will be hosting their event at Baytex Energy Centre in Peace River starting at 1 p.m.

Coach Jody Broome says the skaters have all been working hard to master their routines and now they’re set to have fun and expand their horizons.

“For the skaters who are participating in the event it gives them the confidence they need for everyday skills such as making new friends and performing in front of a crowd,” says Broome.

“For the children coming to watch it will give them an opportunity to see other children participate and it may spark an interest in them to learn to skate,” she adds.

Broome says skaters performing will range from three years of age all the way to 18 years old. She says this is a great opportunity to see one of the great programs offered in the region, and also a chance to see the talent in our community.

“It is definitely a good family fun activity to attend,” she says. “We will have a prize table and lots of entertainment from the skaters who will be displaying all their skills they have learned all season.”

The event will be about two hours long, which will include a 20-minute intermission for people to stretch their legs and grab a refreshment from the canteen.

Broome is excited to announce that Annika Behnke and Kole Sauve will be attending the event and skating for the crowd.

“Annika is a local skater who moved to Edmonton to pursue and advance her skating career, but her family home is in Peace River,” says Broome.

“Kole also has roots in Peace River as his mom skated with the Peace River Skating Club while growing up. They recently won gold at the Junior Olympics in South Korea.”

Broome says the two skate as both a pairs team and as singles, both being named Skate Canada’s Next Gen Team in 2023.

“There will be skating of all levels from learning to Skate in our CanSkate program to Junior Star Skate, which is an intro into the world of figure skating,” she says.

“There will also be Intermediate Star Skate which is a group that starts to compete and learns the ins and outs of figure skating and the world of competing and testing their skills,” she adds.

“Finally, the Senior Star Skate which is where the skaters really get into their competitive skating and testing to move up levels and achieve their goals.”

Broome says the event will be a super fun show for people of all ages to enjoy, and it may inspire a family to register their children in the club.

“Learning how to skate at a young age helps children develop coordination and balance, builds confidence, helps gross motor skills and inspires a healthy lifestyle of fitness, helps kid socialization skills with children of all ages and adults,” Broome says.

“Overall, learning to skate at a young age can have numerous benefits for a child’s physical, mental and social development. It’s a good skill to acquire.”

Broome says anyone can learn to skate at any age, but learning when they’re young has many advantages. She explains the club always accepts new skaters, with the new season beginning in September. The club will be at the Fall Parade of Programs in Peace River to remind people to register their kids.

“To me, skating is a life-long activity whether you figure skate, play hockey or ringette, or just skate recreationally, it sticks with you for life,” says Broome.

“It’s a great skill to have, especially living in Northern Alberta.”

Parents can register their children by going to Peace River Skating Club’s website at or by email and to learn more about the programming.

“Skating is fun for all ages of children and adults,” Broome empha- sizes.

“Our skaters work hard all season and our ice show is a time for them to be able to have and show off all their talent and their skills they have learned throughout the season,” she concludes.