Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Peace River town council is providing an in-kind donation of Peace River Fire Department services for the upcoming airshow.

Peace Regional Airshow Association (PRAA) will be holding its annual airshow July 21-23 and asked the Town to provide their emergency services as a donation.

“The airshow is an important annual or biannual event that draws many visitors to the airport and area and thus is an important economic activity in the area,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer.

“Participants and spectators do visit the area specifically for this event. Local food and accommodation vendors also participate.”

This year the RCAF Snowbirds will not be on hand at the airshow; however, organizers are trying a new concept to provide air and ground performances to the crowd. PRAA has requested the use of the fire department on July 21 for a practice day to hold an extinguishers and extraction training session and during the event on both the remaining days.

“Our in-kind donation of firefighter time and equipment is valued at about $15,000 if the airshow was charged,” says Manzer, adding they will be providing a fire engine, tender truck, and a RAV for the event.

“The Town’s fire chief will allocate firefighters for the pre-event set up and during the actual performances,” she adds.

PRAA makes an assistance request to the Town each time it holds its airshow in the community.

“The airshow is an important regional event and the Town supports the event and its economic importance to the region,” says Manzer.

“We are always pleased to welcome visitors to our area who not only attend the airshow but other amenities of the town and the area.”

The request was received through the Grants to Organizations Policy in January, however; it did not fall under the Town’s parameters of the policy because there was no request for monetary donation.

Town of Peace River administration estimates the value of in-kind donation to be approximately $15,000.

The value would be representative of the amount that would be charged to provide service at an event, including the equipment use.