Richard Froese
South Peace News

Students at local Catholic schools will get nutritious food this month.
Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) received provincial funding to offer hot meals to students in its seven schools and a milk program in three schools, says a HFCRD news release Dec. 21.
Food will be provided by a School Nutrition Program grant of $250,000 from Alberta Education and from the generosity of community donors and local grocers and restaurants.
The grant is designated to fund nutrition programs in Holy Family School in Grimshaw and St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview.
Since those schools have a fully-funded program, the division passed on the remaining funds of about $100,000 to fund nutrition and milk programs in other schools in the division, Supt. Betty Turpin says.
She notes the grant is not new funding from the provincial government.
Holy Family received the grant before the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020 and made the decision to expand it to all schools when restrictions were eased.
St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie is able to offer students a free hot lunch once a week, thanks to partnerships with A&W and Boondocks.
Ecole Providence in McLennan offers all students free daily hot lunches with milk.
Students in Good Shepherd School in Peace River will have free daily milk and the school partners with the local Subway and Matt’s Pizza that will provide each student with a free hot lunch once every three weeks.
Holy Family administration says the program is valuable and essential to students.
“We believe it’s extremely important for students be well fed,” Turpin says.
“It is much easier for students to focus when they have a good meal,” she adds.